Unit 6 Choice Board Activities:

Everyday Math Online

Geometry Riddles

Polygons and Shapes (2-D and 3-D_
Polygons and Non-Polygons - drag shapes into the correct container
Identify Polygons and Names of Polygons - match polygon names with the number of sides

Attribute Blocks and Attribute Trains - make patterns using attributes of shapes
Hidden Picture Vocabulary - click on the picture that matches the geometry term
Geometric Solids
Shapes Quiz

Congruent vs. Similar Shapes
Congruent Triangles - build congruent triangles with colored line segments
Shoot the Shapes!
Ice Blocker
Are These Shapes Congruent?

Banana Hunt (6.8) - estimate degrees of angles as closely as possible to earn banana

Reflect-a-Sketch (6.9)- drag the points of a shape to mirror the shape across the line of symmetry
Symmetry (6.9) - drag the shapes into symmetrical or non-symmetrical bins
The Symmetrizer (6.9) - learn how a kaleidoscope is made and play with different patterns
Symmetry Activity (6.9) - make symmetrical patterns on a grid
Real World Examples of Symmetry (6.9) - scroll down for symmetrical things from animals to rugs

Translations, Slides, Rotations, and Reflections
Robo Packer - Translations, slides, rotations, and reflections
Wrapping Paper Pattern