Transdisciplinary Theme: Sharing the Planet
  • An inquiry into communities and the relationships within and between them

Central Idea:
  • Communities must adapt to change or risk survival

Lines of Inquiry:
  • An inquiry into connections between living things and habitat
  • An inquiry into the effects of change on living things
  • An inquiry into the effects of extinction

Key Concepts:
  • Change
  • Connections
  • Causation

Teacher Questions:
  • What is being alive? How do things stay alive?
  • Where do we find life? What forms does life take?
  • What is the right tool for the job?
  • What happens when things change?

Helpful Websites:
Study Jams
All About Plants

All About Animals

A to Z Animals

Animal Classification



Kingdoms of Life

Animal Classification (Interactive)

Animal Classification Game

Food Webs, Chains, & Relationships

Food Webs

Food Chains

Food Chains and Food Webs


Population Growth

EcoKids Build a Food Chain

Build Your Own Food Web

Water Cycle

Nitrogen Cycle

Carbon Cycle


Animal Adaptations (Study Jam)

Animal List & Adaptations2

Plant Adaptations (Study Jams)

Animal Adaptations Game

Adaptations and Survival

Animal Adaptations ThinkQuest

Animal Adaptations Powerpoints (Teacher Resource)

Ecosystems and Biomes
Study Jams/General Information:

Changes in Ecosystems

Aquatic Ecosystems



Ecosystem Video and Quiz (BrainPop)

Ecosystem Resources
Ecosystem Videos

Ecosystems and Biomes

World Biomes

*Who Lives Here? Challenge

Endangered Species & Extinction
Endangered Species Fact Sheets(Organized by Continent)
Endangered Species (Animal Planet)

*Endangered Species Challenge

Survival Challenge
General Habitat Sites


Desert Habitats





Native Animals

American Black bear:

Moose 1
Moose 2

Skunk 1
Skunk 2

Wild Turkey 1
Wild Turkey 2

Red Squirrel 1
Red Squirrel 2

Salamander 1
Salamander 2

Short Video Clips
Is It Alive? (short video)
Animals Making a Living (how some animals get their food)
Animals on the Go (how animals move from place to place)
What do Animals Eat? (animal eating habits)

Other Resources:
Animal Printables

Biodiversity Slide Show

Amazing Animal Senses

Animals, Adaptations, etc.(links to lots of sites)

Wild Kratt's Habitats

Discovery Education Streaming Videos:
What is a Living Thing?

Animals Around Us: Animal Adaptations: What are They?

Animal Groups: Beginning Classification

Animal Adaptations