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IXL Math
Study Jams
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Third Grade Everyday Math Links (Organized by Unit)
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Mr. Nale's Math Games (Organized by Unit)
NCTM Illuminations
Professor Garfield's Learning Lab Math Games

Virtual Manipulatives:

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Virtual Dice
Interactive Clock
Virtual Geoboard

Number Sense:

Name That Number

Guess the Number

Cookie Dough (writing numbers as words)

Number Sequencing

Number Grid Game

Comparing Numbers & Place Value

Find the Missing Addend

Estimation Contraption

Identifying Fractions

Fractions as Groups of Sets

Comparing Fractions

Equivalent Fractions

Fraction Number Stories

Decimal Games

Decimal Jeopardy

Comparing Fractions and Decimals

Place Value of Decimals

Operations & Computation:

Math Baseball



Change Maker

Counting Coins
Counting Coins


Napier's Bones (Multiplication)

Finding Parts of a Whole


Parallel & Intersecting (Points, Lines and Rays)
2-Dimensional Shapes
3-Dimensional Figures
Angles & Turns
Coordinate Maps


Units of Measurement
The Ruler Game
Units of Measurement

Measuring Lengths
The Ruler Game
Measure It!
Animal Length Measurements
Inchy Picnic
Sal's Sub Shop (Challenging)

Area and Perimeter
Area & Perimeter
Area & Perimeter (with explanation and game)
Shape Surveyor
Perimeter Explorer
Area Explorer
Adam Ant

Ruler Equivalencies
Sleuths on the Loose
Matching Measures Game

Telling Time

Functions and Algebra:

Number Patterns

Fact Families


Data & Probability:

Create a Graph

Chance and Probability
Line Plots

Maximum, Minimum, Range, Median

Everyday Math Resources:

Everyday Math Games

Parent Resources

Mr. Nale's Virtual Classroom

Family Letters to Download

Smartboard Resources

Other Handy Resources:

Khan Academy